The Thematic Research Agency in Nature and Life Sciences comprises 4 departments.

  • Department of research projects planning prepares the annual and pluriannual research programmes and ensures their execution. It includes the following sections:
       - Section of research projects identification 
       - Section of human scientific capacities
       - Section of projects execution
  • Department of research projects financing is charged with financing the accepted research projects. It contributes to the financing of scientific events linked to the activities of the agency. It includes the following sections:
       - Section of conventions and contracts
       - Section of research projects financing
       - Section of scientific equipment
  • Department of assessment of research projects is charged with the assessment of research projects and contributes to the valorization of their results and ensures the scientific and technological watch. It includes the following sections:
       - Section of follow up and assessment
       - Section of identification of research projects results
       - Section of innovation and scientific watch
  • Department of international relations,communication and information is charged with the enhancement of exchange and cooperation relations with any national or  foreing body in the same field and ensures the publication and diffusion of research results. It includes the following sections: 
       - Section of international relations and cooperation
       - Section of scientific documentation and communication
       - Section of information and scientific events